This is Urbaign Conversation

Varietal issues examined objectively through a local lens

3 March 2006

We have taken the audio of our past programs offline, but if you should like to obtain them for any reason, please e-mail Sid.

2 November 2002

Unfortunately, one of us has become too busy to continue doing the program, as he is working intently on his PhD dissertation, so Urbaign Conversation will be taking a short hiatus whilst Sid evaluates the direction in which he should like to proceed.

We recommend using WinAmp to listen to this program, so that you can listen to it as it downloads and seek around.

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Program #9     WinAmp   Other [1] [2]       19 October 2002
  • GEO-Marxists and "false opposition," the South Farms and eminent domain
  • The Beltway (neé DC) sniper and terrorism, Iraq and North Korea, cowboy "imperialism"

Program #8     WinAmp   Other       13 October 2002
  • Living cities, local private vs. public construction
  • Homelessness activism and scams; Saddam Hussein, the DC sniper, and the ego

Program #7     WinAmp   Other       29 September 2002
  • DI "news," benefits of college, funding education, taxation in Champaign
  • The GEO, local left-wing protests, war with Iraq, anti-globalisation

Program #6     WinAmp   Other       21 September 2002
  • Business environment in Champaign vs. Urbana, comparative school districts
  • Genuine and illusory threats to free speech, Iraq

Program #5     WinAmp   Other       14 September 2002
  • Commemorating 11 Sep, Islam and terrorism, anti-globalisation academics
  • The creative class vs. the left wing, cultural events

Program #4     WinAmp   Other       7 September 2002
  • Zoning double standards, "urban sprawl," journalism and the "corporate" media, Max Weissberg and the FBI
  • Gun control, American unilateralism

Program #3     WinAmp   Other       1 September 2002
  • The Christians vs. the Greeks, anti-dissection activists, the teacher shortage
  • Urbana and "New Urbanism," Green Street, Carl Estabrook and the Libertarians

Program #2     WinAmp   Other       22 August 2002

Program #1     WinAmp   Other       16 August 2002    (our pilot!)

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